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JRD & Associates Selected to Optimize Passenger Flow at Airport Security Checkpoints

MIAMI – June 10, 2015 – JRD & Associates, Inc. (JRD), a Miami-based industrial engineering and management consulting firm to government and industry clients, has been selected as one of three organizations from over 1,500 respondents to provide a “Next Generation Queue Design and Model” to optimize passenger flow at Transportation Security Agency (TSA) security checkpoints throughout U.S. airports. The selection was the culmination of a global InnoCentive Challenge which provides “crowdsource innovation solutions from the world’s smartest people, who compete to provide ideas and solutions to important business, social, policy, scientific, and technical challenges.”

Enhancing the checkpoint queue to efficiently incorporate the TSA Pre✓™ is one of TSA’s key challenges. The TSA Pre✓™ queue was added to already crowded and intricate queues. The addition, combined with the fact that all airports have different square footage and queue configurations, have caused disruption in passenger throughput rates and wait times. The Challenge will demonstrate in detail how to apply scientific methods and modeling simulation to re-design the queues, improve efficiency, and reduce wait times at airports.

“We are honored by this selection, particularity given the significant number and abilities of those competing from around the world. The efficient processing of passengers, performed in an optimal manner while maintaining the highest levels of security, is a challenging problem to solve, and we look forward to assisting TSA in doing so. ” stated Jorge R. Duyos, JRD President and CEO.

“We are honored by this recognition,” said Duyos. “It validates our commitment to our clients and acknowledges our company’s effort to ensure that DHS is provided with first-rate services in meeting its mission of protecting our nation.”

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Business leaders and government officials turn to JRD & Associates (JRD) when faced with management, financial, and organizational challenges. The JRD team combines expertise in industrial engineering, management, finance, and technology to identify opportunities, develop alternative strategies, recommend value-added solutions, and assist in the implementation of these solutions. In 2011, JRD received the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Achievement Award for its work at DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection. More recently, JRD received the Teaming Contractor of the Year Award from American Express OPEN®, the small business division of the financial services company, for its achievements in government contracting. Learn more at www.jrdandassociates.com.

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